By Charles Remsburg, Lt. Dan Marcou, & Lt. Jim Glennon

Street Survival II

Presented by Calibre Press

Tactics for Deadly Force Encounters


The Legacy Continues

In the first edition of Street Survival, Chuck Remsberg brought together stories, tactics, and techniques from officers from all over the country. Chuck introduced a new way of thinking about training, preparation, mindset and systemic philosophies by sharing tactics that many officers had never been exposed to. The book was nicknamed ‘The Bible of Law Enforcement’ and used in Agencies and Academies worldwide.

As we examined the original text in preparation for its much-requested update, we found that much of what Chuck wrote in 1980 is still valid and applicable for today’s police officers. We made the decision to edit the title slightly from Tactics for Armed Encounters to Tactics for Deadly Force Encounters, broadening our focus beyond just an adversary with a gun.

Street Survival continues to focus on techniques designed to affect the way you prepare, plan and react to real situations. These tactics can help you survive if, despite your best efforts, violence erupts. Street Survival focuses on understanding the latest in tactically safe methods for approaching high-risk situations and falls into four broad categories:

1) Deadly force encounters that include guns, knives, fists and other active threats.
2) The importance of communication skills in the preventing encounters from escalating into life-threatening situations by discussing the importance of reading body language, danger cues, and pre-attack indicators
3) Current case law
4) The realities of stress on human performance and use of force

Now, thanks to the effort and insights of two highly skilled and experienced co-authors, Dan Marcou and Jim Glennon, the classic Street Survival has been revamped to continue its unique protective role for those on the job in a new millennium. Having “been there” for a combined total of 68 years, Marcou and Glennon came to this project well-equipped to add extensive new and cutting-edge content to the book’s enduring fundamentals, all dead-on relevant for officers facing today’s heightened dangers.

Calibre Press is excited to continue our Street Survival legacy with this book and it’s a MUST READ for every rank and file, sworn law enforcement officer, first responder, and security professional.


Today, throughout the nation, officers continue to be killed in bars, stores, and homes, on sidewalks and highways, in alleys and gutters, predominantly by guns. More than 70 percent of the time, the fatal confrontations erupt during so-called “routine patrol duties” and especially when officers are attempting arrests, responding to domestic disturbances, investigating robberies-in-progress, or conducting traffic stops and pursuits.


When weighing the duties and responsibilities of a law enforcement officer, nothing is more serious than the authorization to use deadly force against another person. Nothing is more permanent, nothing more profound, than the use of deadly force. It goes without saying that police officers have an obligation, as well as a moral duty, to understand the parameters, restrictions, and legal rulings that speak to the use of deadly force. They need to be experts on state statutes as well as on the case law that governs their behavior in this area


The availability of shields, armored vehicles, and helmets has recently come under fire as an example of the militarization of police. These criticisms need to be countered immediately and aggressively on the local level by police chiefs and sheriffs. Police officers do not in any way train like the military. A Calibre Press survey conducted in 2016 found that approximately 70 percent of the agencies in the country require their officers to shoot on the range no more than twice a year.

Author’S NOTE

Charles Remsberg

The ink was scarcely dry from the initial press run of the original Street Survival book when an officer from Indiana wrote to say that the book saved his life.

He was in a foot pursuit of an armed felon one night when a diversionary tactic he’d learned from the book enabled him to discover, before it was too late, that the fleeing suspect had hidden and was lying in wait with a .45-caliber pistol pointed at the spot where he expected the officer to appear.

That was the first “save.”

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Street Survival II

For more than a year Lt. Jim Glennon and Lt. Dan Marcou have been researching, conducting interviews and re-writing the ground-breaking book, Street Survival. Published in 1980, the book has often been referred to as; the “Bible for Law Enforcement”. The new book, Street Survival II: Tactics for Deadly Force Encounters is enthusiastically endorsed by the original author Chuck Remsberg. While paying homage to the original, the update includes more than 400 colored photos and diagrams and delves into the profession’s many changes over the past three decades. It includes tactics, effective street communication, detecting preattack indicators, public expectations and especially the realities of using force.

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Our goal continues to be the same now as in the beginning: When you need it most, Street Survival will be there.


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